Why Going Vegan is Good For Your Health

Time and time again it’s been proven that converting to the vegan lifestyle is good for your overall health. As long as you follow a balanced vegan diet, you’ll increase the chances of living a longer and happier life. This is due to the health benefits and disease prevention aspects of veganism.

Vegan diets help reduce the risk of heart disease, they help prevent heart attacks and strokes and will reduce high blood pressure. Since vegans don’t eat meat, their diets have reduced saturated fats and vegans have lower cholesterol levels. For good heart health eat whole grains and nuts. These are the key foods that help your heart and blood pressure.

Vegan diets help those with type 2 diabetes as well. Diabetics can lose weight and lower their sugar levels by eating a perfectly balanced diet of fruits and vegetables. The person with type 2 diabetes will lower their cholesterol, lower their blood pressure and develop a healthier weight.

Vegan diets can also give you a boost of energy. This boost in energy levels leads to things like becoming more active. This increase in activity means more exercising and the release of endorphins. This leads to increased happiness. Ultimately it lifts your overall self esteem. A lack of energy could be due to low iron levels. Foods that are high in iron include oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, cantaloupe and potatoes.

Oh but there’s more. Going vegan can also do the following:

  • reduce bad breath
  • give you healthier skin
  • alleviate allergy symptoms
  • have fewer migraines
  • reduced body odor
  • feel happier