Why Don’t Vegans Eat Eggs?

You may know that vegetarians don’t eat meat, but many still choose to eat eggs and drink milk. They aren’t eating animals after all. But vegans don’t eat eggs. Have you ever wondered what’s so wrong about eating eggs? Here are a few key reasons why vegans choose to not eat eggs.

  • By purchasing eggs, you are caging up innocent chickens into small confined cages, where they cannot even turn around or scratch themselves. Try doing that yourself for a while and see how it feels. The chickens are debeaked and then forced to lay eggs until they are on the verge of death. At that point, they are then deemed useless and slaughtered. Your purchase of eggs goes directly into the pockets of those who imprison and then kill chickens.
  • Vegans also don’t approve of free range eggs either. The box will tell you the chickens were fed a natural non-meat diet and that they are not held in cages. It will say they are free to roam and have access to the outside. While this is true, and free range eggs are better than the typical eggs, the hens are still packed into confined houses and only have minimal access to the outside.
  • Even producing free range eggs requires having fertile eggs. Half of those will hatch into male chicks. Those are slaughtered as babies or fed until they’re fat, then killed to eventually make a chicken sandwich.
  • Eggs do provide a good amount of good protein, but at the risk of high cholesterol. There are plenty of plants with protein that don’t have the high cholesterol of eggs.
  • The animal farming institution contributes to environmental degradation.
  • World hunger. Instead of creating so many animals and feeding them to fatten them up, we should be giving that food to starving children.
  • It can disgust you to know that the laying of eggs by hens is similar to a human female’s menstrual cycle.