Vegan Ideas For Your Child’s Party

Kids are notorious picky eaters, so it can be difficult for kids to adopt the vegan lifestyle. This is especially true since their friends are probably all eating junk food. You name it, burgers at the family barbeque Sundays, pizza during lunch at school and hot dogs at birthday parties. It seems it’s hard for kids to stay away from meat.

Now let’s say you’re hosting a birthday party for your child and all his friends and their parents will be there. Yet you and your child are vegan. Can you still have a successful vegan birthday party? The answer is yes. While meat is prevalent at most children’s birthday parties, there are still other options available. Here are some tips to help you have a great vegan child’s birthday party.

  • Variety works. The more options the better. So place a lot of different items so that there’s a little something for everyone’s taste at the party. While your menu might be restricted, it can still be just as delicious and much more nutritious.
  • Make it fun. Rather than having one large entrĂ©e, let each person, including the children, build their own plate on their own. Kids are known for creating combinations that don’t sound too good, but let it all be their choice. Items should be small and be sure to include a lot of finger foods.
  • Fruits. Chop a wide variety of fruits and place them in separate plates. They will be small so children can grab as many or as few as they want and eat them. The kids will also enjoy the colors. Some fruits to try out include banana slices, apples, oranges and mangoes.
  • Familiar foods. There are some kids who know nothing more than nasty fast food like burgers and chicken nuggets. Well, offer soy burgers and vegan chicken nuggets. They’ll most likely not know the difference.