Top 10 Reasons To Go Vegan

One of the main reasons to go vegan or vegetarian is to not kill any animals. Each year 27 billion live animals are killed in the United States. But there are many other reasons other than that. Here are ten other reasons to go vegan.

  1. Fast food restaurants. Childhood obesity is out of control, yet fast food restaurants continue to target children with free toys and other promotions.
  2. Milk. The consumption of milk has been connected with diabetes, arteriosclerotic heart disease, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and prostate cancer, to name a few.
  3. Weight loss. The only long term diet plan that works is the vegan diet. All others are fad diets that cause you to lose weight only to gain it back later.
  4. Rain forest. The rain forests have been referred to as the lungs of planet Earth. They allow each human to replenish their own oxygen supply. Land is being lost at alarming rates due to cattle grazing.
  5. Global warming. A staggering 25% of methane emissions is due to cattle farming alone. This excludes chicken and other poultry, pigs and sheep farming. Their harm to the environment is worse than all methods of transportation put together.
  6. High cholesterol. Meat eaters are notoriously the ones with high cholesterol which causes different health issues. Studies have connected men with high cholesterol levels as having double the impotence problems as those who are vegan.
  7. Water. The water on Earth is as low right now as it has ever been, leading to fears that we are running out of water. Once the water goes, life is over for everyone. 25 gallons of water is needed to produce one pound of wheat, while 2,500 gallons of water are needed to produce just one pound of meat.
  8. Obesity. Meat and dairy eaters are three times as likely to be obese as vegans. Only 2% of vegans are obese.
  9. Food poisoning. Nearly 10% of all food poisoning cases involve infected meat. E coli comes from animal feces which are usually found in hamburgers. Barbecued charred meat contain carcinogens which could lead to cancer. Even the clear wrappers used in supermarkets are made with chemicals that lower sperm count in men.
  10. World hunger. If Americans reduced their meat consumption by just 10%, it would free up 12 million tons of grain which would feed 60 million hungry people around the world.