The Protein Argument

A common argument meat eaters make is this: I can’t stop eating meat, where else would I get my protein? I need my protein to be strong and active. This post will unravel those misconceptions.

An earlier post discussed six vegetarian athletes who managed to excel in their sport despite not eating meat. One of whom was Carl Lewis, a 9 time Olympic gold medal champion. That should dispel the myth that you need meat to be an exceptional athlete.

So is there a way to get protein other than from our beloved animals? Yes there is. Protein isn’t just in meat. You can find it in all sorts of natural foods. In fact, there’s protein in everything. Fruits, have it, vegetables have it, nuts have it and seeds have it. There’s enough protein in natural foods that it can meet the demands of aspiring athletes and even pregnant women.

While there is indeed protein in animals too, that protein is very acidic to the human body, which causes acids to rise in the blood stream. These excess acids stress kidneys. Don’t think that a diet high in proteins is good for you though. High protein often times goes hand in hand with high fat consumption. This can contribute to an increased risk of getting cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and arthritis later in life.