Simple Raw Vegan Recipes For Radiant Health

Preparing raw vegan meals can be surprisingly simple. There are so many simple recipes and many raw vegan ingredients to choose from. You can make entrees, soups, salads, desserts and smoothies. These can all be created with simple raw vegan recipes.

Did you know that cooking foods to higher than 130 degrees can destroy the vitamins and nutrients naturally found in foods? You’ll end up eating empty foods that only provide calories but no nutritional benefits.

Raw foods are great for your skin. Instead of buying a moisturizer to temporarily fix your dry skin, try eating raw vegan foods, as the natural health from the food will transfer to your skin, giving it a more natural, shiny and healthy appearance. Think of your skin like a plant, if you give it fresh water every day it receives all the nutrients it needs to produce green leaves and flowers. But if you give it dirty water sparingly the plant will not look as healthy.

A raw food diet can also control blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels. It can give you pain-free joints, boost your immune system, give you better sleep patterns and grant you unbelievable energy. One of the reasons for the increase in energy is because your body requires 4 times less energy to digest raw foods rather than processed food. Now you know why you feel so tired after having an unhealthy meal.