Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

As more people understand just how much diet influences health, the popularity of a wholly plant-based diet holds greater appeal. The benefits of a vegan diet include everything from having an easier time maintaining a healthy weight to potentially lowering your risk of heart disease and cancer. You aren’t the only one a vegan diet benefits either; by refusing to support factory farming methods, you’re taking a stand for animal welfare.

Take a closer look at what a vegan diet can do for you.

1. You’ll never wonder if you’re eating enough servings of fruits and vegetables. Doctors recommend eating at least 10 servings a day of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, but for a vegan, that’s just part of your daily diet. Instead of trying to squeeze in vegetables around animal protein, you’re making them the star of every meal.

2. You’ll find your healthy weight. Unless you plan on being a fries-and-pies vegan, you’ll probably consume far less fat as a vegan. Cut away the fatty animal-based foods, and you’re left with nutrient-dense, but low-calorie vegetable options. Go ahead and heap your plate high with roasted vegetables, fresh salads and grilled tofu; you’ll feel sated without ever feeling stuffed.

3. You’ll slash your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. Researchers are still studying whether the health benefits of a vegan diet are the product of getting proper nutrition, the effect of a self-selecting health-conscious population or a direct result of eating plant-based foods, but they do know that people on a vegan diet see lasting changes in their long-term health.

4. You can get almost everything your body needs from the plant kingdom, and what you can’t get, you can supplement. Vegan diets are lower in protein, some B-complex vitamins, calcium and iron than an omnivorous diet; however, you can easily overcome those nutritional weak points with careful choices. The standard diet has its own nutritional deficiencies, so it’s not as though a vegan diet is unique in that regard. Eat a bowl of high-protein flaxseed cereal fortified with vitamin B-12 with almond milk containing vitamin D, and you’ll have a vegan breakfast that’s more wholesome than traditional bacon and eggs.

5. Nothing you eat ever felt a moment of pain or anxiety. Everyone has a reason for choosing a vegan diet, and ethical reasons are certainly high on many vegans’ lists. Eating an entirely plant-based diet means knowing that you’re making a minimal negative impact on the animal kingdom. Even if health is your primary reason to enjoy a vegan way of life, you may discover what many
vegans do: once you no longer eat animal-based foods, you feel a greater regard for all thinking creatures.

Any list of the benefits of vegan diets is bound to be a partial one. You’ll undoubtedly find your own reasons once you embrace this healthful and flavorful lifestyle.