5 Reasons To Stop Drinking Milk

You’ve undoubtedly heard your whole life that milk is good for you. For decades parents and the government has been telling children to drink milk every single day. Even celebrities are getting in the act, as they pose with a milk mustache in ads for the dairy industry. Dairy is everywhere, from ice cream to cheese to butter and sour cream. So you would think that drinking milk is healthy. But you would be wrong. But health concerns is just one reason to stop drinking milk. Here are several other reasons to stop drinking milk.

  1. Cow’s milk is intended for baby cows. Human beings are the only animals on Earth who drink milk after they are no longer infants. Humans are also the only ones who drink the milk of a different species. It’s not natural.
  2. Humans have a delicate hormonal balance. It can be thrown off since the naturally present hormones in cow’s milk is stronger than human hormones. Not only that, but cows are given steroids and other hormones to make them bigger and to increase their milk production.
  3. The highest occurrence of osteoporosis around the world happens in countries where its citizens consume dairy products.
  4. Soon after cows give birth, their children are taken away and chained to eventually become veal. Thus, you’re drinking milk from grieving mothers.
  5. Most cows live in inhumane conditions with no freedom to roam. Cows don’t live to their life expectancy, they are killed when they become fat enough. By drinking milk, you are giving money directly to the people who imprison them.