4 Ways To Eat Out As A Vegan

For vegans, eating at a restaurant is always a big concern. When you are home your refrigerator and cupboards are filled with your vegan friendly foods. What happens when you are out to dinner with friends or family at a restaurant? You have to be very careful when it comes to ordering. This article is going to give you some basic tips for eating out in a restaurant without worrying what you are eating.

Type Of Restaurant

Vegans are best trying more ethnic restaurants such as Asian, Thai, Indian or Chinese. There is a better chance of there being vegan options at these types of restaurants. At American or Mexican restaurants, almost all of the items will have meat on them. You could have a salad with no meat or dressing at an American restaurant and rice and beans at a Mexican restaurant. Italian food is an okay choice if you’re a vegetarian because you can find a lot of dishes that do not have meat in them, but it’s difficult for vegans.

Check The Menu

Before making a dinner reservation or just going out, check out the menu. You can look up most menus online these days. By doing this you have the opportunity to look and see what a restaurant has to offer prior to  going. You may be surprised to find some restaurants may have a small portion of the menu sectioned off for vegan friendly meals.

Call Ahead

If you’ve checked out the menu already but have some additional questions, do not hesitate the call the restaurant to find out more. You won’t be the first person to do this. Call the restaurant and ask them if they have any vegan options. Sometimes you can order something on the menu and ask for it without cheese, for example. Some restaurants will also accommodate your needs by letting you substitute a non-vegan item for a vegan one.

Research Online

If you’re going to a national chain restaurant with some non-vegan friends, odds are many others have been in the same spot as you. There are quite a few websites that will list each chain restaurant and what vegetarian / vegan options are available. A good way to find them is to search the name of the restaurant in google and add vegan to the search query. Keep in mind though that menus change so what may have been true a few years ago may no longer be the case.