3 Reasons Why Vegans Are Vegans

Each vegan has their own personal reason or reasons why they’ve become a vegan. Perhaps they witnessed an animal being slaughtered and it left a painful memory. Perhaps they have a pet and could never imagine killing them for food. Perhaps it’s because their doctor told them to stop eating meat because of their diabetes or heart problems. While the specific reasons differ, most vegans choose the vegan lifestyle for the three reasons listed below.


The human population in the US is about 300 million, yet each year 10 billion innocent animals are slaughtered. But it’s not just that the animals are killed, it’s how they live. The animals are jailed and live in horrendous conditions before they’re eventually led away to be killed.


The meat industry is the leading cause of global warming, more harmful than all methods of transportation combined. It takes about 15 pounds of grain to eventually produce 1 pound of meat. No child in the world would go hungry if we gave the grains to them instead of the animals.


There are countless health benefits to becoming a vegan. Vegans live longer, get less heart attacks and get cancer less. Eating meat and dairy will make you fat, so vegans even look better than meat eaters. But it’s more than just that, it’s also about feeling good. Drinking milk can give you a stomach ache. Eating meat can make you feel full and tired. But when you eat a fruit or vegetable it gives you energy and makes you feel great.